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James T
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Hi all

Just curious about a hotel (the name of which I can't remember now) which used to sit on Kilbride Road.  I stayed there in July 1990 and enjoyed a wonderful week.  At the time we were there, we were told that it was to become a nursing home or something similar and that was the final year it would be open.

A number of years later (probably around 2000) I went for a walk along the street to see if it was still there, only to find it had gone, but the sign for it was still beside the drive up to it.  I spoke to someone nearby who said that it had burnt down a couple of years previously under suspicious circumstances. 

I recall walking along the street about three years ago and there was still a sign and the ground was overgrown.  A couple of weeks ago I went back again and there was extensive landscaping and house building taking place.

Anyone have any info?  I think it might have been called the Argyll *something* Hotel, but may be wrong.


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James T
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I have since found out the name: Cowal House Hotel

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