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When I was seventeen years of age I worked in the Pier Office as a Ledger Clerkess.  The  office was located at the right hand side of the photograph above.  When the 'Cowal' or 'Arran" car ferry came in at 10 a.m. I used to run on board and buy delicious hot sausage rolls for our morning 'Tea Break'.  Back then the pier was packed with what was referred to as 'Holidaymakers' bustling back and forth across the River Clyde.  I can still hear the booming male voice that announced the departures over the loudspeaker announcing, "Steamer for Gourock, Berth number One".   The same man had been doing it for years.  Imagine everyone's surprise when one day it was MY voice that announced, "Steamer for Gourock, Berth number One,  Steamer for Largs, Berth number Two."   You could see all heads turn and look up at the area on the top floor on the left hand side from where I was making the announcement.     

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