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60 years old
Dunoon Scotland
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formally of Killearn Villa 133 Victoria road Dunoon, 

I was born there on the 29/03/61
my mother now lives in queen street
I have two older sisters Janet who now lives in the USA

and Jessie who lives locally
I also have a younger brother James or "Jimmi" 

to people that know him also local

I have two children from my former marriage,

Corinna Ann, and Barry Andrew
Corinna moved to Exeter in Devon,

Barry lives in Edinburgh


have spent all my life in Dunoon

I still have not seen a more scenic place in the UK
and I have travelled around the UK many times with my work
I have been with the MOD,(ministry of defence) 

EOD (explosive ordnance deterrent)

EOC (explosive ordinance searcher) for 24 years
and been to every corner,

although I have seen some beautiful places

they still don't have all that the Dunoon and Cowal area can offer
and that includes the wind and the rain.