Poetry BY MaggiMcD

Poetry About Dunoon

Looking out the window,watching life go by,
sun shining brightly in a clear and crisp blue sky,
people walk along the shore,looking at the sea,
some look up at the window"I see you watching me"
I see the ferries ,travelling regularly to and fro'
they travel rather quickly but appear to be quite slow,
people go to work and play,in Greenock, and afar
some on foot and bicycle, but most go in their car
Yachts and other pleasure craft,appear here daily too,
some come reasonably close to shore,plainly into view
the River Rocket dashes by,taking  the tourists out
on a calm day you can hear them scream and shout!
The Waverly sails past,  a grand old lady now
I'm proud to say that I ,once stood upon her prow
liners, submarines and warships sail past this window too
A busy place the Clyde is,and this we show to you.
We get to see the wildlife,the gannets and the seals
on a rare occasion dolphins,with whom they share their meals
cormorants and shags spread wide their wings to dry
the stillness  broken only by the seagulls raucous cry
When I open my curtains daily,to turn the web cam on
I'm glad that you can see and share the wondrous dawn
often the weather is dreich and cold, sky grey instead of blue
but still i'm glad that we can share our AILSA VIEW with you

We've bin oot again. ye see,
this time 'doon the watter'
sailin oan THE WAVERLY
wi aw hur Glesca patter!
We goat oan board at Dunoon pier,
the boat wiz kinda fu'
folks hud oan sum funny gear
tartan hats,anoraks,heidscairfs an trainers too!
The drunks goat aff at Rothesay,
so we saw 'The Kyles' in pleasure,
the sights wur weel worth seein tae,
shairley Scotlands national treashur!
At Tighnabruaich we hud a rest,
aw the coach tour fogies left fur hame,
the quiet sail back doon wiz best,
aye, The Waverly deserves hur fame!

We went tae see the fairies,
at Morags' Fairy Glen,
The day wiz warm and sunny,
thats awfa rerr ye ken!
We saw some trees an flooers,
the burn wiz tumlin doon,
There wur ower mony scrub trees
we couldny see aroon!
A bonnie dauner up the hill,
but the fairies wiz aw hid,
We seen one at the entry,
'course she wiz made o wid!
It's worth a keek or twa,
so aff ye's go an look,
Theres ither stuff tae see furbye,
stick yer neb in every nook!
Tak alang a piece oan jam,
theres a place tae park yer bum,
Then when ye get back hame,
tell aw yer freens tae come!

Morag's Story
"Mummy mummy!" shrilled Morag "
Will we see lots of fairies in the glen?"
Her mother laughed fondly, "
Oh, perhaps, if you are very quiet and look carefully."
The little girl was so excited to be visiting Morag's Fairy Glen at last.
She had heard lots of stories from her Granny Morag.Her favourite, and the one she made her mother repeat night after night was the one about the lost fairy princess.
For as long as she could remember visiting her Granny Morag in Dunoon,Morag had listened spellbound as her beloved granny told her of the little lost fairy princess.
It was a true story her granny said, "told to me by my Granny Morag too".
" The story goes..One day while playing in in the glen with her little fairy friends the princess was stolen away by a wood nymph who was jealous of her kindness and beauty (for all the fairies in the kingdom loved the youngest daughter of the king and queen)
The whole kingdom mourned the loss of the little princess so much that they left the tranquil glen they had lived in happily for hundreds of years.No one knows where they went,but it is said that sometimes a lone fairy can be seen in the fairy glen looking among the trees and flowers in the faint hope that the princess had come home.
"Yes! Granny Morag Yes! and what was the little princess called?" asked Morag with a rapt smile on her face.
"Dearie me" said the old lady "
I can't quite recall her name for now
" Little Morag bounced up and down in her excitement "How can you forget?! "her name was Morag same as you and me!"
Her granny chuckled, "Och now how could I have forgotten that?"
Mother daughter and granddaughter walked along the path to seating area in the newly cleared Morag's Fairy Glen,
"This is lovely now is'nt it?"
we can have a wee seat here while you go and look at the pretty wooden fairy statue there Morag" said the old lady.
" I think i saw a real fairy back up on the high path mummy!"
said little Morag earnestly "She had beautiful shimmery wings and she put her finger to her mouth telling me to shhhh"
" then she disappeared!".
"Well! You are a lucky girl to see a real fairy ," her granny said "not everyone is so blessed" Morag said, " I know" and wandered off to look at the wooden fairy.
The women settled at the picnic table to drink tea from the flask they had brought.
After drinking their tea and chatting about how lovely the newly reopened glen looked, "so peaceful and the water almost sounds like music"
They called for Morag, "Och where has she got to?" said Granny Morag " and whats that noise?"
It sounded like  whispery cheering and trumpets playing. "I have no idea " said her daughter with a puzzled frown....But look up there,whats that light?"
They looked back up the path and gould see a hazy golden light shimmering through the trees.
Worried for the safety of the little girl they headed up the path to the source of the sound and light.
They searched in vain, as did the police and the people of Dunoon (for Granny Morag and wee Morag were well liked by the folks of the town)
www Dunoon-argyll
was created in may 2006